Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm It!

Dude! I've been tagged by Scrivener! I'll justify this post by saying that so far, this blog contains no memes, but really it's because I'm flattered as hell. Which is a lot, because generally I'm terrified of memes and their extraordinary ability to make my life sound like a paper cutout.

Four Jobs You've Had
  1. Dishwasher loader in college kitchens

  2. Computer salesperson

  3. Marketing consultant

  4. Publicity manager for a UP

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
  1. The Empire Strikes Back (the pre-butchered print)

  2. Pulp Fiction

  3. To Catch A Thief. But only because I can't say North by Northwest

  4. The Princess Bride
Four Places You've Lived
  1. Melbourne, Australia

  2. Naples, Italy

  3. Cambridge, England

  4. That's all.
Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
  1. CSI: Miami. Horatio, Horatio swooon

  2. Firefly (On DVD).

  3. The West Wing Although Aaron, we miss you.

  4. House, for helping to refine my crustly ol' bastard side
Four Places You've Been on Vacation
  1. San Francisco, CA

  2. Belfast, Ireland

  3. Kuta, Bali

  4. Great Keppel Island, Australia
Four Blogs You Visit Daily
  1. Badgerings

  2. Frogs and Ravens

  3. Fretmarks

  4. Scrivenings
Four of Your Favorite Foods
  1. Moules mariniere

  2. Devilled lambs' kidneys on toast

  3. Sushi, notably toro, a proper example of which I have not seen in a grievous length of time

  4. Grilled lamb chops on cous cous with ratatouille
Four Places You'd Rather Be
  1. Drinking espresso on Acland Street in Melbourne

  2. Hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law and my adorable and super-brainy niece, wherever

  3. In a hot bath

  4. Near the sea (goddamn inland fens. How do people do it?)
Four Albums You Can't Live Without, Lately
  1. Hem, Eveningland

  2. Feist, Let it Die

  3. Beck, Odelay

  4. Madeleine Peyroux, Careless Love
Four Vehicles You've Owned
  1. A red 1977 Honda Civic hatch with chain-driven semi-automatic transmission and grey lanbskin seat covers. My one and only car ever. God, how I loved that car.

  2. Purple 12-speed mountain bike I bought from a police sale when I first arrived in England. I worked out after about 10 days that I did not have the cojones to cycle the 12th century streets along with the giant buses and taxis grazing past you with 0.2 of a milimetre to spare, as everyone else seemed to have. I think it is still chained to a gate somewhere.
Thoughts on the meme
How does one manage to make oneself sound interesting with one of these things?


Scrivener said...

I am very glad that you were flattered, rather than annoyed, to be tagged!

I think you do sound interesting. And I learned a little about you that might not have come out otherwise, for example that you've got a super-brainy niece. I am pretty sure I could have guessed from the rest of the blog that we could have a nice movie-marathon together quite enjoyably, but this meme confirms it.

I wanna know what happened to that Honda Civic, too.

Xtin said...

I look forward to that movie marathon someday! My niece isn't yet two, but in my humble auntly opinion, she is a major brain, in small way due to the super world-class parenting of my brother and his wife. At the moment, she is going through a Noddy phase (my niece, not my sister in law). When the phone is handed to me she says Stop in the name of Plod!

This is the only thing that truly breaks my heart about not being in Australia. The other stuff just chaps my ass :)

Speaking of which, the Honda was tragically left behind in Australia when I came here to do my PhD. *sob* As soon as I get a (proper) job, I'm buying one to drive here. Bloody brilliant vehicle. They have a tendency to get cracks in the head gasket, but otherwise they are virtually indestructible. My favourite part about them is that where the usual automatic transmission would mark the shift D for "Drive", the Honda has a five-pointed star. Yo! I'm driving in Star Gear, dudes!