Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Four Reasons This Post Gets To Live

  1. I'm feeling prolific today, and it has reached the point of being good for its own sake. Gimme gimme gimme that ol' intrinsic value.

  2. I need an excuse to link to I Blame The Patriarchy, which is a blog of some seriously high quality ranting and has me polishing my Boots for Ass-Kicking much more often than my natural apathy would otherwise permit. What I'd really like is to post something incisive, witty, and well-informed about how motherfucking brilliant Twisty's blog is, but such blogging skillz as I might have had are currently extinguished leaving nothing but the desire to proliferate.

  3. I haven't yet updated the Twisty link in the sidebar, because editing the template at blogspot is a pain in the ass, so this would be my old favourite, the band-aid solution.

  4. There have to be four reasons because I've been memed. And I would hate to mess up Dawkin's theory.

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