Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spa day

Meditation room: bigger on the inside

ZOMG, Xtinauts, tomorrow I am going on a spa day and there will be waffle robes and slippers and cheap Prosecco on arrival and this thing pictured above about which Pluvialis commented she didn't realise they also had a TARDIS.

Not only are there reflexology stones in the Zen garden for a soothing foot massage while you reflect on the shameless commodification of southeast Asian culture by white-girl body-lotion brands, but also a herbal cold-water hose in the Laconium, a sauna favoured by the Roman Patricians! Not this exact one probably! But maybe! Those Romans showed up a pretty long time ago!  

Also the Japanese Salt Steam Room with illuminated rose quartz centrepiece because you know, they are all about crystal healing in Japan, or something? Well OK then. Or if that is not enough pilfered exotic spirituality for you there is the Indian Blossom Steam Room with central frog statues and floating rose petals!

Oh lord. I cannot wait. I am counting the sleeps. ONE. ONE SLEEP.

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Adel said...

Blimey when you put it like that,we should all be there. Do they let you ride on the unicorns just before the fairy's paint your individul eye lashes :)
Well enjoy. It sounds great.