Thursday, February 27, 2014


I had an MRI scan today. I lay still in my weird origami hospital gown and sometimes I took deep breaths in and sometimes I breathed out and sometimes I held my breath carefully so my diaphragm wouldn't move the relevant organs around and they put dye into a cannula in my arm and little yellow plugs in my ears and there was a tiny black flaw in the enamelling on the smooth white interior of the scanning-Xtin-tunnel and I looked at it and wondered what had made it and listened to the sounds through my yellow earplugs.

I thought it was going to be big, low, clunking sounds but there were all sorts of noises -- clatterings and dings and beeps and bongs and chitters and zings, like being in a giant dialup modem. HELLO I AM 56K YOU?

Pluvialis waited in the extremely honey-pine waiting room and read Margery Allingham and then we and the little purple bruise in the crook of my elbow went through the rain spitter-spatter and had way too much Turkish food. Which also involved several organs.

I love a good theme.

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