Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gimme the news

I saw the doctor, and then I got a Belgian waffle from the waffle man, because the doctor said I should behave like I have a normal liver. How do people with normal livers act, you may well ask, but I decided it was waffles and the Hollywood edition of Vanity Fair. Waffle man told me about his son, who is going to university next year, and his daughter, who is doing her GCSCs. I asked him how he was doing and in his lilting Belgian accent he said, Well, I am still here at the market. I am not dead. And then he made that shrug sort of shape with his mouth that you do by turning down the corners and raising your eyebrows.  

The Birdoole watched Construction Site and made a list of his favourites. Orange hard hat. Hi-vis vest. Fluffy cube of roof insulation. Angle grinder sparks. And of course, Yellow Digger. When it got dark we shared peanut butter on toast and watched Night at the Museum.

Tomorrow I am going to London where Mishkin's will serve me a toothsome salt-beef sandwich and eighteen negronis. Because hey. Might be normal.

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