Thursday, June 15, 2006

Silver lining

Yesterday's problem (another feature of Displaced Importance syndrome as mentioned in my previous post) was that I couldn't get any pictures to post with Blogger. This is very annoying. I love pictures. They make me feel like I'm publishing in Vanity Fair or something. Plus, I get to mess around for hours with Google Image and Flickr and Wikimedia Commons and all those other fabulous online toys which are the digital equivalent of a huge pile of your mother's old magazines, a pair of scissors and a bottle of paste. Admittedly, nothing can really replace the bottle of paste, the touchstone of every childhood, but I've gotta keep my regressive tendencies in check. Or something.

In my efforts to fix this issue, among other things I thought I'd clear the cache, which I haven't thought to do in, oh, a couple of lifetimes. I actually had to go and make myself a cup of coffee while my poor little P4 chugged through the job.

Well, gee whiz, Batman. I pimped my browser! It's running like a hotrod with giant exhaust, flaming cannonball decals and red leather racing steering wheel!

Can I paste post some pictures now?

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