Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fade to black

Well, fracking bloody frack. My motherfracking laptop screen just died again. I mean, at least you can see the Blue Screen of Death. It could have a footnote that read, but hey, dude! At least your cathode ray tube's still workin'! It does not help that I used my Jedi powers to heal it the last time, because my development is totally Empire Strikes Back and not at all Return of the Jedi. Unpredictable at best.

I'd be having a goddamn breakdown right about now, but fortunately I've already got one going on. That's what philosophers call overdetermined. Not that I can be one right now, because I can't see any of my own bitted-and-byted philosophizing to check if it's like, you know, insane or inconsistent or not yet up to the ever-loving mofo word limit. I need to start doing this shit the old fashioned way. Hand me a chisel.


Tom Bozzo said...

Bogus! Is not even the three-fingered salute getting you a less-than-blue screen?

At least backup technology is much improved over my D-writing time -- e-mailing a copy to a Gmail account or the like is probably about the closest thing to having a file that doesn't need to be secure assimilated by the Borg.

Xtin said...

*Sigh* Nope -- not even the three-fingered salute. Tragically, it's not a software issue -- if I look reeeeeeeal close I can see ghosts.

It's prescient of you to mention Gmail -- I've just started using it as my primary mail manager. I decided that the ability to google my prodigious inbox was more important than protecting my secrets from the Borg. Which is naturally what they're counting on. But as far as I know, my secrets are boring as hell, so hey! Knock yourselves out, Cool Secret Harvesting Bots!

Tom Bozzo said...

I think I see -- when I reread the post and followed the links, "screen kaput" came across more clearly. At least it's not a drive failure (which I feared in my late stages, leading me to copy my 'research' folder to multiple hard drives and Zip disks).

Computer failures, of course, still suck.

I suppose someone could start a "resistance is futile" feature describing WTF results from the Googlenet. E.g., a blog comment that reads, in its entirety, "I missed the first entendre" is bizarrely accompanied by three menstruation-related ads, which if nothing else says that Google doesn't really know that much about me. Fortunately, if I don't pay strict attention to them (like now), I can easily tune out the ads and just get my ~e gigs of storage. Except when the ads say that Marginal Revolution is the best econoblog on the 'net. Pfft.

Xtin said...

"Marginal Revolutions is the best econoblog on the 'net."

This is quite encouraging. It proves that the bots are stupid. Thank god for that.