Friday, June 16, 2006

Question hour

And, inspired by Tom Bozzo's Question hour over at the brilliant Marginal Utility, here begins a series of occasional posts on the search keywords that bring webpolloi to Xtinpore.

This week's Beautiful Insanity award goes to:

"pink spider" poetic analysis
basketmaker's related injuries
The first of these landed my post on the Swedish overachiever from hell. Genius. Bostrom is now codenamed Pink Spider.

The Sorry I Wasted Your Time, Dude consolation prize to:

mini-razor northwest
I'm sure Roger Thornhill would know exactly where you could get one of those.


Tom Bozzo said...

Xtin, you are too kind. The awards are great -- I promise to steal them at some point.

P.S., the check is in the mail ;).

s.l. said...

I love living in a world where people search for "'pink spider' poetic analysis" or "basketmaker's related injuries." It gives me hope. Plus, I've been trying to imagine the person doing the search and what led them to those search terms all day.

Xtin said...

I'm still worried about that basketmaker. Did he get a wicker stab to the eye? Does he have tennis elbow? Perhaps post-weave stress disorder? It's all just so sad ... :)

s.l. said...

Well, now you're just mocking what could be a very serious case of wicker burn. (And I admit it. I was curious enough to google about the basketmaker's related injuries and was unable to locate anything specific to the basketmaking. Although I didn't try very hard. Perhaps if I was an injured basketmaker, I'd have been more motivated.)