Friday, January 17, 2014


An entirely unrelated shot of Pluvialis admiring Lincoln Cathedral columns.
Because I like it.
I am tired today; the kind of creeping, grey tiredness that doesn't come from any honourable exertion but seeps coldly in around the edges of the windows and climbs inside your socks and crawls around your thoughts smudging up anything that looks a little too crisp. Eventually it gives way to a damp, limp rage at all of the ridiculous weak-tea tiresomes, the online bank transfer, the just-out-of-milk, the emotional strain of things that are not about you, the emotional strain of reminding yourself that they are not about you, the scratchy label in the back of your shirt, the tax thing you managed, the other tax thing you put off, the pile of paper, my god, how is there another fucking pile of paper?

I made a cake out of walnuts and hazelnuts for a friend. I put it in a slightly smaller tin because I thought perhaps the cake needed to be a little deeper but on consideration think I will go back to the 28cm Dr Oetker. The cake is good with red wine, which is one of those characteristics of baked goods to which people need to pay more attention.

Because cake and red wine.   

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