Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gumbles: false start

I promised I'd tell you about gumbles today. Actually I have lots of things to tell you about gumbles, but I was looking for a picture of a gumble to show you all and this led me to discover that:

(1) the urban dictionary has an entry for "gumble". About which: not that kind of gumble.

(2) apparently there is a particular model horse paint-your-own mould called "Gumble" made by a model horse company called Julip, which makes 1:12 horses.

Ten minutes of research into (2) has freaked me out considerably more than (1), which I just didn't know had a name.

The gumbles I want to tell you about are giggly, squashy, word-playing fantasy creatures of the Australian bush, but I can't tell you about that right now because I'm having issues with Joe's nikes.

Tomorrow: gumbles. Also Tinkingumble.

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