Monday, July 16, 2007

Question hour

The fourth in an occasional series on the keywords that attract wide-eyed googlers to Xtinpore like beagles to the delicious but ultimately pointless scent of aniseed.

This week's Beautiful Insanity Award goes to: martian cupcakes

Who knew they liked baked goods? My mind reels with "cultural universal" jokes. (Also, extra insanity points for commitment: my blog is many, many pages into the result of this search, after a link entitled WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF SATAN?, which would totally have distracted me. But then I guess I'm not having Martians to tea. And in case you were wondering what cupcakes have to do with Satan, I'll tell you: it is that you can't hold a cupcake in your cloven hoof. I am not making this up).

Honourable Insanity Mention to: hide sausage

Dude, you have to use euphemisms when you google? That's just sad. I'd have given you the coveted Sorry I Wasted Your Time, Dude consolation prize but I'm afraid you were beaten to the gong by:

jedi control weather

Yeah. Haven't managed that one, either. Lightsabre in the ice, sure. X-wing in the Dagoba mud, no problemo. But this is England, man. Get real.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Perhaps they were only wondering what kind of flavor do the Martians like.

Xtin said...

So I'm thinking that the question may be moot. Either their favourite flavour is, like, people, in which case we should make like Tom Cruise and not invite them for tea. Alternatively, they only like flavours that you can get from Whole Martian Foods, and having them over is like trying to entertain the kind of person who spends the entire evening saying, "Is there not like, anywhere you can get PopTarts in Europe?"

Either way, I'm thinking -- they can like my usual sour cream and vanilla masterpieces, or they can speak to my phaser.