Friday, July 27, 2007


The hits on my blog are spiking. Do you know why? It is this:

No, really. Yesterday I had 286 unique visitors, which is about three times as many as this time last week. The mountain was popular then, too, but now by far the greater bulk of my drop-ins are mountain-searchers from google images. The google image pointer, however, doesn't tell you what the search string was. But I think the best explanation is that this shot (linked to my blog rather than to the source of the image, for some reason completely obscure to me since it's under a link in my post) is the seventh image result for "nature". And I've said it's terribly pretty. Do you think that mattered? And if it did, can I stick an internet irony asterisk on it this time?

Some people, a very few, actually stay to read a few other pages. Hello, nature lovers! I'm in the type of mood lately that has me reading my horoscope a lot. So of course I tend to thinking that it's both galling and incredibly profound that most of the people who see my blog are drawn in by an unbelievably kitsch mountain shot.

It figures.


Tom Bozzo said...

I'm ceaselessly amazed at the fraction of traffic that's from image searchers -- around the new year, my place was seeing around 1K daily hits for people searching for images of Anne Hathaway. Thing is, no image of Ms. Hathaway ever actually made an appearance there -- at most, one of us linked a picture. This had led met to believe that if the Images Googleborg is an AI, it's in desperate need of therapy. But random searches do bring about the occasional Loyal Reader, so I shouldn't complain.

But, the links did straighten themselves out eventually, and now the #1 image search leads to a future Dubai skyline render that I'd posted after Pluvialis wrote (long ago) about the UAE's supertall building boom. (Needless to say, there was a bit of a surge due to the Burj Dubai passing Taipei 101.)

dizzyfatplonka said...

I for on have just arrived here via a google search and what a treasure your blog is, if I may I will place a permanent link to you on my blog.
Subject of which tries to blend my spiritual outlook with the current messed up politics of the world. No easy task since words are an uneasy way of expressing anything thats beyond words.

Xtin said...

Greetings, plonka, and welcome. I'm honoured to be linked.