Monday, December 18, 2006

Question hour

The third in an occasional series on the keywords with which Xtinpore snares the unwary googler.

This week's Beautiful Insanity award to:
egg yolk eyebrow growth
Yes, well. I meant it rather more metaphorically.

The Sorry I Wasted Your Time, Dude compensation prize goes to everyone contributing to this week's number one search phrase with a bullet:
being in love
You poor, poor little babies. Are you googling your symptoms? Not even google can help you. And to the person who was looking for a Gem and the Holograms t-shirt? Yeah. I was more of a Masters of the Universe girl myself.

1 comment:

Scrivener said...

I've never heard of Gem and the Holograms. Or, if I had, I've forgotten.

I get a hundred or two visitors a day to my blog searching for more information about Hem, by the way.