Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Interactive technology

Interactive posting! Come out and contribute!

The theme of my life at the moment is the contrast between broken and working. These words are so lightly layered with millions of things, like puff pastry. Broken, not working. Broken, in pieces. Broken, ended. Broken, incomplete. Working, functional. Working, doing what it should. Working, doing one's work. Working, making something. Working, like what your mouth does when you don't want to cry.

Five Things Not Working In My House

1. My AirPortExpress, still brand-new and white as the driven snow in its box. Can't get it to work. And unlike everyone else in the known universe, I have scruples about asking one of my propeller-headed loved ones to do it for me. Still considering a suitable bribe.

2. The LAN. Apparently my institution's network is being insidiously destroyed by a piss-ant little utility called Dell Network Manager. Curse you, Dell-owning co-workers! Get a real computer! (See below).

3. The window above my desk. Yo. Can't see a damn thing. Stop letting so much of the EMR in the visible range through, 'kay?

4. My collection of Wedgwood Persephone by Ravilious. Dude, no matter how many times I rearrange them, the display just isn't working. I need a proper cabinet. Or like, a cottage in the countryside with a nook in the whitewashed corner of the kitchen. That would also work.

5. Me.

Five Things Working Beautifully in My House

1. My MacBook Pro 15" running OSX Tiger, and the genius cocoa-based TeXShop with BibDesk. Attention, universe. Do not mess with this part.

2. My new Babyliss Pro 230 ceramic plate straightener. Seriously, how did I live without this thing? The world is significantly more navigable with pretty hair.

3. My new Sennheiser PX100 foldable headphones. Bass response to make your pelvic floor thrum harmonically. Comes with added satisfaction of flinging your piece-of-shit white iPod earbuds into the void where they belong.

4. The magenta peonies on the windowsill.

5. The Veronica Mars soundtrack, as a mood-enhancer.

What's broken and working in your world?


Tom Bozzo said...

Hard to believe that an actual Apple base station would give you problems -- I've been able to get a variety of 3d party mutt routers to work with our various Macs without too much trouble. Does it not work even as an open access point?

Adding a second gig helped my MBP a lot (esp. when simultaneously running WinXP), but it's not doing a great job picking up the wireless signal from the access point in the lobby of this hotel. (BTW, I waved as my plane flew more-or-less over the Fens en route to Amsterdam.)

I'll be curious to see what my daughter ends up doing with her curls, which can seem out-of-control at times even allowing for what's cute on a toddler.

Xtin said...

Hard to believe that an actual Apple base station would give you problems ...

Seriously, Tom, we have to put it down to cluelessness. I have been told time and again how straightforward and basically un-fuck-up-able setting up the AirPort is, but apparently I have Special Skills.

Note to your daughter's curls: do not brush.

Thanks for the wave over the fens! I love that thought.

Tom Bozzo said...

I'd thought the great circle route from Minneapolis to Amsterdam might've taken us down the east coast, but we ended up on a more southerly track, so it just happened to work out that way.

I leave most of Julia's hair care to my wife, who occasionally goes at it with some magic spray de-tangler stuff. Usually, it turns out fine (at least for a toddler) if I let it air-dry post-bath.

One other thing not working here: the weather. Shoulda packed an umbrella.