Monday, August 13, 2007

Once upon a time

Once there was a crab who lived under a rock, thinking. The rock was flattish and shaped a bit like a big stony dinner plate. It had a couple of barnacles on it and a flea-circus style population of tiny invertebrates of one sort or another.

The crab liked it under the rock. It was dark and salty.

Was it better under the rock? Perhaps there was a whole new world out under the sky, or in the many tiny pools bunted with bubbly seaweed and anemones nearby. On the other hand, she wasn't a crispy sun-dried crab up on the beach like the ones coasted up on the tide.

She blinked an eye on a stalk. And then she blinked another eye on a stalk. She watched some pretty silica fragments run through a crack in the rock like a tiny marine lava lamp. She clicked a claw. Mmmm, watery, she thought.

Moral: sometimes, you are your shell.


fatrobot said...

i am friends with the ruler killer crab, and am an ambassador for those who are of the crab,
listen to these words

Lick the rocks at lowest tide,
Kill 'em crab, kill 'em.
See the critters run and hide,
Kill 'em crab, kill 'em.

Feasting on their tasty souls,
Eat 'em crab, eat 'em.
In the rocks, in breathing holes,
Eat 'em crab eat 'em.

Tell me all your darkest fears,
Grab 'em crab, grab 'em.
Rule these shores for a million years,
Grab 'em crab, grab 'em.

Rip their arms and poke their eyes,
Tear 'em crab, tear 'em.
No one is so brave and wise,
Tear 'em crab, tear 'em

Bones and flesh and broken shells,
Crush 'em crab, crush 'em.
Send their souls to a thousand hells,
Crush 'em crab, crush 'em.

We rule the over, undersea,
Kill 'em crab kill 'em.
The giant killer crab and me,
Kill 'em crab, kill 'em.

Xtin said...

Seriously? This is genius. Complete invertebrate genius.

fatrobot said...

haha thanks
i have many such poems
some of them not about crabs