Friday, June 01, 2007

Attention, tourists

Caution: Snarkage

I have long since stopped expecting you to appreciate -- or even behave as if you are aware -- that this is actually still a university, and it was not made a museum in 1862 for the delectation of future owners of 7.2MB Canon Ixias.


The examinations here run for approximately three weeks between May 24 and June 15. Turning up at this time and being surprised that you are not allowed into the grounds within which students are functioning on Red Bull and beta-blockers and developing nervous disorders six ways from Sunday as a result of trying to perform well in one of the world's most intense undergraduate experiences is like turning up to Singapore during the monsoon season and being amazed that it rains in the tropics.

I'm not at all shocked that in your Look-At-Me-I'm-Having-An-EXPERIENCE! mindset the students pale against the squalling of your hungry little cameras. But, um, your travel planning? Dude. That is some A1 first-class cluelessness.

So, the attitude? You can all seriously bite me.

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