Saturday, January 03, 2015


The days come around so quickly, no? Bringing their weather with them. A bit of yesterday stuck to their shoe.

It rained and rained and I was happily out of sorts. Pluvialis and I went to the garden centre and said hello to the parrots. A yellow-fronted amazon who puffed his head like a soft green pinecone for scratches. The weird African grey and his thoughtful tiny-dinosaur-mastermind face. I stroked his white face with my ring-fingertip, silk-fuzz and fine-dusty like mulberry paper. He closed his eyes, opened them. Closed again. White rabbits reclining implacably. Cyclamen in free Christmas pots. Orchid repotting kits, air plants, azaleas, little boys with their faces refracted through six layers of aquarium.

When I got home a lunar-footprint lapel pin had arrived in the mail. Contains Command Module metal flown to the moon. A present from my friends in Switzerland, because no reason at all but themselves and their great and chocolatey goodness.

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