Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random bullets of surprise

(1) So, since the middle of the year when I had the Mane of Insanity™ cut into a more manageable shoulder-length 'do, I've been gingerly stepping toward my long-planned abandonment of Long Hair. Yesterday I got it cut and I was thinking about other things and then I spent the evening at a party in London, and this morning I got up and saw myself in the mirror and ... wa-hey! I have short hair! Flippy, shoulder-clearing short hair! Gads. The relief. I feel my codependency lapsing a little, but possibly only because I think my hair currently approves of me. If it could speak it would say "Yes, very nice. Edgy, yet age-appropriate. Also, your My Giant Mane of Hair is Me syndrome was getting on my nerves. And in conclusion, the Sebastian Evocatív Crafty styling paste is the bomb. No, don't tell me what it costs, I care only for funky broken-up lines and touchability."

(2) At aforementioned party, I injured my ear. Seriously. I slammed it accidentally into a high-mounted wrought-iron bannister in the Cheshire Cheese. This is currently runner-up in my hall of fame All Time Stupidest Injuries. The Stupid Injury is distinguished not only by the neuronally-challenged circumstances under which it was sustained, but also by how mind-bendingly regularly the injury reminds you of same. The record is currently held by the burn incident involving the keyboard-essential pad of my third left finger, my ceramic hair straighteners and the phone ringing at an inopportune moment. My pinnae are not used for typing, for which we are thankful, but they do perform crucial duties related to propping up hair when placed with stereotypical push-behind-the-ear movement deployed by one million Method actresses trying to convey nerves or concentration. New Flippy Do™ requires intensive repetition of same. Slight microexcruciate every time. But worse, mental YouTube ... 14th century stone steps. Lulu wedge heels. Careful negotiation of first step ... slam!



Heidi the Hick said...


Does it help any that you conveyed the incident with great wit and humour???

I too have a bit of a codependent hair thing but I'm totally cool with it. My unruly mane hides me well when I need it to. In fact, I'm growing it longer! I might wait another two months before getting my Semi-Annual Haircut!!

I might be wanting pictures of New Flippy Edgy Do...

Krista said...

Pictures, please? Of New Flippy Do, not The Accident.

Funny, but I was fine with my hair until about a year and half ago. Then the switch flipped, it's been codependency all the way.

Xtin said...

Amazingly, it does actually help. No analgesic like someone thinking you're funny.

Pictures of Do coming up!

Xtin said...

Krista, exactly.

I have no idea what happened. My hair was just ... hair, and then suddenly it was The Hair.

Seriously. WTF?

Xtin said...

Flippy Hair™

Tom Bozzo said...

Cool flippy do, Xtin.

If it makes you feel any better, three years in the "new" house hasn't completely cured me of bonking my head on the bit of low ceiling where our main staircase sneaks under the attic steps when I'm overcaffeinated or otherwise too exuberant to remember to duck.

Xtin said...

Thanks Tom!

And your story about the ceiling is oddly comforting. Because really, I must have looked a prize idiot smacking into that wall. I don't even know if anyone saw me, but it doesn't seem to matter ... I saw me. In my mind.


Reid Farmer said...

Very stylish do.

I hadn't thought about being codependent with hair until I read your posts on it. Now I'm beginning to think I may be codependent with my moustache.

Sorry about your owie

Xtin said...

Reid, if I had a moustache, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that I would allow myself to believe that my identity was completely determined by the state of same.

I would Be The 'Stache.

kookaburra said...

If you want to get people talking, write about hair! Seriously, the new & trademarked 'do is ON.

Heidi the Hick said...

I came back specifically to see The Hair.

Looking good! You have great hair and really would look good regardless. I especially like the sheepish/triumphant face.

And if I was a guy I would totally base my identity around my facial hair!!

mdmnm said...

One thing about it, a bruised ear should heal a bit faster than a sunburned ear and won't peel into your hair.

I had a 'stache and goat for eight years, then shaved them off nearly two years ago. The grey, the grey showing up had a lot to do with it. As I edge into forty, they might come back, though.

Nice 'do!