Friday, February 17, 2006

Round and round the roundabout

The sixth Teaching Carnival is up at Science and Politics. I gotta say, carnivals impress the shit out of me. I dream of the day I am included in a carnival. Personally, the pinnacle of achievement would be the Whining Carnival. I'm prepared to settle for something less misanthropically illustrious, too, but I'm so proud of my burgeoning curmudgeonliness that I long for recognition.

The photograph is by the fantastically talented Mark Newhouse at Gnuhaus Productions. Which is such a brilliant company name it's worth visiting just for that.


Tom Bozzo said...

Let me put a pitch, or a plea, for a Whining Carnival submission, since I was foolish enough to offer to host it and presently have a carnival of one plus whatever whine I might contribute. The model is strictly opt-in, since I don't want to get in the business of judging others' whines.

Xtin said...

Tom, how can I possibly refuse you? I'll whine the hone this weekend. Sorry, hone the whine.

Scrivener said...

Tom, I have tagged a couple of posts for inclusion in the whining carnival at delicious.

And Xtin, I thought I had included one of your posts in the carnival I hosted. But then I looked for it and it wasn't there, because that post actually came out 2 weeks later. But I tagged it then. However, New Kid didn't find the delicious tags. I should have emailed her the link. I'm sorry, but I'd missed that you weren't included or I'd have reminded her then.

Xtin said...

Aw, shucks Scriv! ::blush::